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Where to find the Utopian Calendar

The Utopian Calendar is referenced in the Wikipedia article for the Darian Calendar.

It’s also referenced numerous times in Tom Gangale’s description of the Darian Calendar.

The Mars Simulation Project uses a variation of the Utopian Calendar, which you can read about here.

The Mars Asset Registry uses an earlier version of the Calendar, with a stretched clock and no short weeks.

The Mars Calendar app by Laurie Harrison features the Kepler Calendar.

More Mars time links

Wikipedia article about Timekeeping on Mars

Tom Gangale’s Martian Time website

Archived version of the Areosynchronous Calendar

The Ares Time Zone System by Dean Little

Papers by Tom Gangale

If you want more detail on the various design choices in the Darian Calendar, this is where to look. No-one has given this subject more attention than Tom Gangale and Marilyn Dudley-Rowley.

Gangale & Dudley-Rowley, 2004 - The Architecture of Time - Design Implications for Extended Space Missions

Gangale, 2004 - Preference Patterns for Martian Time Architecture

Gangale & Dudley-Rowley, 2005 - Issues and options for a Martian calendar

Gangale, 2006 - The Architecture of Time, Part 2 - The Darian System for Mars